Greenie Polishers FG, Polishing, 72/:Pkg

Product Description
Brownie/Greenie/Supergreenie are silicone polishers used on precious metals and amalgam. Use Brownies to achieve a smooth surface, Greenies for a lustrous polish and Supergreenies for a super-polish. Silicon polishers impregnated with high quality abrasives Use Brownies for pre-polishing, Greenies for polishing and Supergreenies for super-polishing Use for amalgams, precious alloys and nonprecious alloys

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Greenie Polishers FG, Polishing, 72/:Pkg

Greenie Polishers FG, Polishing, 72/Pkg - Greenie Polishers FG, Polishing, 72/Pkg
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: Each
Shape: Large Pear
Size Number: No. 7
Type: Aluminum Oxide
Sku# H414




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Greenie Polishers FG, Polishing, 72/:Pkg
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