GUM Delicate Post-Surgical Toothbrush, 12/:Pkg

Product Description
GUM Delicate Post-Surgical Toothbrush from Sunstar Americas Inc. cleans teeth and promotes healthy gums while keeping the healing wound clean. This gentle toothbrush effectively removes dental plaque and food debris from near the healing wound and any sutures keeping the wound closed. It is perfect for post-surgical cleaning, or in the presence of aphthous ulcers, mouth irritations, extractions, implants, and grafts.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: GUM Delicate Post-Surgical Toothbrush, 12/:Pkg

GUM Delicate Post-Surgical Toothbrush, 12/Pkg
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 12/Pkg
Style: Ultra Gentle Bristles
Package Quantity: 12/Pkg
Sku# 317MB
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GUM Delicate Post-Surgical Toothbrush, 12/:Pkg
Sunstar Americas, Inc.
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