Gendex GXDP-700 Series

Product Description

Gendex introduces its latest innovation in imaging solutions, the GXDP-700 Series, a 3-in-1 imaging system.

Along with the ability to transform from 2D Panoramics to cephalometrics to 3D, the GXDP-700 Series gives clinicians image capture of a variety of radiographs. These images are valuable for diagnosis and treatment planning of caries, root investigation, orthodontics, implants, and other surgical procedures, as well as patient education. 

The GXDP-700 Series features an ergonomic design along with state-of-the-art electronics, heavy-duty components, and a sturdy, steel telescoping column. When taking 2D and 3D images, Gendex's SmartLogic technology stores the most frequently used settings to reduce setup time and optimize workflow. The touchscreen and easy-to-read screens provide users with easy-to-understand graphics.

The GXDP-700 Series offers 33 panoramic options and the ability to add cephalometrics with 15 options. With built-in functionality and thoughtfully developed tools, including EasyPosition and SmartMotion, clinicians can acquire clear, detailed images easily and consistently.

Four modular options of the GXDP-700 Series are available: the GXDP-700 Panoramic; the GXDP-700C Panoramic and Cephalometric; the GXDP-700S Panoramic and 3D CBCT; and the GXDP-700SC Panoramic, 3D CBCT, and Cephalometric.


Gendex GXDP-700 Series
Technical Specification
Cephalo Reconstruction: Yes
DICOM Export: Yes
Field of View Available: 4 x 6 cm, 8 x 6 cm
Focal Spot: 0.5 mm
Footprint: 140 x 96 cm
Installation Included: Yes
Panoramic Reconstuction: Yes
Scan Time: 10 to 20
Software OS: Windows XP, Windows 7
Voxel Size: 0.2 mm
Unit of Time: sec (s)
Sku# Gendex GXDP-700 Series



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Gendex GXDP-700 Series
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