Hygenic® Flexi Dam® Nonlatex

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Hygenic® Flexi Dam® Nonlatex are dental dams used as a barrier during operative and endodontic procedures. Low modulus of elasticity Individual sheets without powder Extra strength and flexibility Latex free No offensive odor

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Hygenic Flexi Dam Nonlatex - Medium, 6" x 6", 30/Pkg - Purple
Sku# H09945
Hygenic Flexi Dam Nonlatex - Medium, 6" x 6", 30/Pkg - Green
Sku# H09946


Case Study

Case Study

Root Canal and Bonded Core Restoration in One Visit

A 9-year-old male patient presented with throbbing pain on tooth No. 13, which had an old amalgam. I first applied Hygenic Endo-Ice spray (COLTENE) to the tooth, recording response/recovery times. They were both abnormal. I also percussed the tooth, which was positive for sensitivity. With these results, I deemed the tooth to have irreversible pulpitis with acute periapical pathology.  (Note: If these 2 diagnostic methods are inconclusive, I occasionally will try electronic pulp testing. Research, however, has shown that it can be unreliable. If Endo-Ice and percussion results are definitive, I feel comfortable about pursuing endodontic therapy.)In addition to...

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The ADA's 2015 America's Dental Meeting will be held November 5-10 in Washington D.C.  For...

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COLTENE Introduces HyFlex EDM Files at Chicago Midwinter

COLTENE   introduced the attendees at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting to its new endodontic rotary files— HyFlex...

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My ‘Aha’ Moments at DTA’s Mini-Dental School

What do being a dentist and being a musician have in common? DRILLS! Practice makes perfect,...

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Hygenic® Flexi Dam® Nonlatex
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