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DMG America

Icon Caries Infiltrant

Icon treats incipient caries and white spot lesions without drilling.

Icon “allows me to ‘repair’ a tooth without more invasive means,” said a California dentist in practice for more than 20 years. A Pennsylvania evaluator commented that Icon is “the only product that has made a very visible difference in the removal of white spot lesions.”

In the past, dental professionals had 2 options for treating caries: fluoride and other remineralization therapies if caries were not too advanced, or “wait and see” until it was time to “drill and fill” approach. Icon offers immediate treatment without unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure and also effectively removes white spot lesions.

Seven dentists who have been using Icon for at least 6 months participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, rating such features as its minimally invasive nature, patient satisfaction with white spot removal, and patient acceptance of the proximal and smooth surface procedures.

DMG America icon Evaluation Rating

Minimally Invasive Nature (Preservation of Healthy Tooth Structure)

Manufacturer Description: The infiltrant, a highly fluid resin, penetrates into the enamel caries and blocks the diffusion paths for cariogenic acids, thus promoting the early arrest of caries in difficult-to-reach proximal areas and on smooth surfaces. Icon bridges the gap between prevention and caries restoration while preventing lesion progression and increasing life expectancy for the tooth.

Evaluator feedback: When asked to rate the minimally invasive nature of Icon, 6 evaluators rated it as excellent and 1 rated it as very good.

A North Carolina dentist commented, “By blocking acid challenge from incipient lesions, this product offers an excellent modality to preserve tooth structure and avoid removal of sound tooth structure just to gain access to a proximal lesion.”

Another evaluator who has been a dentist for 26 years said Icon “is as minimally invasive as you can get,” while a third evaluator said he liked best that Icon allows for the “non-surgical treatment of incipient caries.”

Patient Satisfaction with White Spot Removal

Manufacturer Description: Icon provides a highly esthetic alternative to microabrasion and other restorative treatments for cariogenic white spot lesions. White spot lesions infiltrated by Icon take on the appearance of the surrounding healthy enamel.

Evaluator Feedback: A Pittsburgh evaluator stated that Icon “has made a very visible difference in the removal of white spot lesions.”

A Colorado dentist with 34 years’ experience noted that he had “very good results with treatment of white spot lesions/decalcifications” but added, “Occasionally…complete infiltration of the white spot lesion could not be accomplished with longer or more frequent application of the etching gel than was recommended in manufacturer’s instructions.”

DMG America Icon Evaluation Headshots

Patient Acceptance of the Procedures

Manufacturer Description: Icon can stop the progression of an early cavity before it needs to be treated using a needle or drill, preserving healthy tooth structure and prolonging the life expectancy of a tooth. Infiltration with Icon requires no drilling and no anesthesia and allows for a pain-free treatment in one office visit.

Evaluator Feedback: A dentist from Scottsdale, AZ, in practice for 36 years explained, “We have kept a spreadsheet on all our patients for interproximal use of Icon…the results showed that 100% of E-1 lesions and 98% of E-2 lesions did not require restoration after two years post-treatment.”

A North Carolina evaluator would like the material to be “identifiable on x-ray” so he can “quantify the success of treatment.”

Regarding patient acceptance of the smooth surface procedure, one evaluator would like to see “better brochures for patient instructions,” while a California evaluator said, “I like that I can use the product with confidence and knowledge that it works.”

Overall Satisfaction

Six of the 7 evaluators said they would definitely purchase and recommend Icon to colleagues and 1 said probably. “From the first time I was introduced to the product at the CDA, I have used it and recommended it to my colleagues,” said a dentist with 20 years’ experience.

One evaluator would prefer that “the individual materials and components could be ordered separately rather than bundled in complete kits.”

A Phoenix, AZ dentist said he liked best that with Icon there is “no need to numb and drill.”

Manufacturer Information

DMG America LLC is the visionary company behind some of dentistry’s best-known restorative products. One of the most innovative companies in the field of dentistry, DMG America LLC offers a comprehensive range of restorative dental materials and is responsible for bringing some of the industry’s most well-known and clinically successful products to the U.S. market.

The company has sought out and partnered with leading global dental manufacturers to provide exceptional dental materials. DMG America LLC has been recognized for 40 years as a global leader in the research, development and production of innovative dental materials. DMG has become known as the “Automix specialists.” Its leading role in Automix products began over a decade ago with the release of Luxatemp®, the first automix provisional restorative material. The company went on to introduce a wide range of advanced materials, which have become market leaders thanks to their clinical efficacy and ease of use. These include: Luxatemp® Automix Plus, Luxatemp® Fluorescence, LuxaCore® Dual, TempoCem®, Honigum® impression materials, and other quality products.

Recently, DMG America LLC introduced O-Bite, a VPS bite registration material offering superior hardness and resistance to breakage, as well as Honigum in new 50 ml cartridges for Automix guns.

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