StarDental Identafi® Oral Mucosal Visual Enhancement System

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Product Description

Identafi® Technology:The enhancement is made through the processing of optical fluorescence and reflectance in certain body tissues. The Identafi® core technologies are based on high-speed, high-resolution capabilities from its patented optical processing technology and includes the ability to enhance the appearance of suspicious tissue.The Identafi is in an easily portable unit designed for use in the offices of dentists, specialists and general practitioners for enhanced visualization of mucosal abnormalities.The Identafi® multiple wavelengths will enhance visualization of mucosal abnormalities that may be cancerous.

The Identafi® uses the Identafi® Multi-Spectral Fluorescence and Reflectance technology to enhance visualization of mucosal abnormalities such as oral cancer or premalignant dysplasia that may not be apparent to the naked eye. But unlike other fluorescence technologies and dye systems, the Identafi® is Multi-Spectral with three distinct color wavelengths, making it easier to distinguish lesion morphology and vasculature aiding the dental professional in determining next steps.

The Identafi® is intended for use by:
•Dentists and Hygenists
•Primary Care Practitioners
•Oral Surgeons
ENT Head and Neck Surgeons to help identify diseased tissue around a clinically apparent lesion. The Identafi® can enhance the surgeon's ability to choose biopsy sites and aid in determining the appropriate margin for surgical incision


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StarDental Identafi® Oral Mucosal Visual Enhancement System
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