Impregum Penta P3

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The original polyether precision impression material that is ideal for use in the monophase technique. Hydrophilic before, during and after the set for unsurpassed accuracy, even when moisture is present Thixotropic: flows smoothly under pressure Snap-setting characteristic provides greater assurance of achieving precise-fitting restorations without distortion Automatic mixing and dispensing with the Pentamix System for completely homogeneous mix at the push of a button Contains: 1 (300 ml) base paste medium body, 1 (60 ml) catalyst medium body, 1 Penta 3 cartridge, 1 elastomer syringe, 10 Penta mix tips (red) and 1 (17 ml) polyether tray adhesive

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Impregum Penta P3 - Medium Body Refill
Technical Specification
Body_Viscosity: Medium Body
Color: Purple
Complete Set Time: 6 minutes
Contains: Contains 2 (300 ml) base and 2 (60 ml) catalyst
Dispensing: Pentamix Mixing Unit
Material: Polyether
Package Quantity: Each
Set Time Available: 6 minutes
Working Time: 2 minutes 45 seconds
Sku# 31642
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Impregum Soft - Polyether Tray Impression Material - In Cartridge Delivery System
Sku# 31786
Impregum Penta Polyether Impression Material
Sku# 31789
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Impregum Penta P3
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