IntegraPost - Mini Intro Kit

Product Description
IntegraPost from Premier Dental is an ultra- passive, integrating core retainer that is designed using a round Flow-Thru-Head. IntegraPost is easy to use and represents the best combination of strength and adaptability. The core retainer is composed from bio- compatible titanium alloy a reliable material that offers more strength than resin. The IntegraPost design out preforms its competitors by allowing 2.5x more cement into the post space while reducing chance of fracture or stress on the roots. The IntegraPost Mini Intro Kit contains: 6 posts- 2 of each (3, 4, 4.5), 3 drills- 1 of each (3, 4, 4.5) and an IP Carrier.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: IntegraPost - Mini Intro Kit

IntegraPost Integrating Core Retainer
Technical Specification
Active or Passive Wire Retention: Passive
Contains: Contains 6 posts, 2 of each size: size 3, size 4, size 4.5; 3 drills: 1 of each size: size 3, size 4, size 4.5; and 1 IP carrier
Material Composition: Stainless Steel
Package Quantity: Each
Quantity: "3 Drills (1 Each for #3 #4 #4.5)6 Posts (2 Each of #3 #4 #4.5)IP Carrier"
Analogous Drills or Reamers Available: Yes
Straight Tapered: Parallel
Sku# 3001001
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IntegraPost - Mini Intro Kit
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