IonositMicroSpand Light-Cured Compomer Base/:Liner

Product Description
IonositMicroSpand is a base material for composite and amalgam restorations that can be used to block out undercuts in inlay/onlay restorations. This single-component light-cured base expands to compensate for polymerization contraction. • Effectively eliminates micro-leakage and recurrent caries • Guards against discomfort and pain • Bonds to both composite materials and dentin Office Pack contains: 2 operatory trays, each tray contains 5 (0.3 g) syringes and 1 application pad

PRODUCT OPTIONS: IonositMicroSpand Light-Cured Compomer Base/:Liner

Ionosit MicroSpand Light-Cured Compomer Base/Liner - Office Pack
Technical Specification
Contains: Contains 2 operatory trays, each tray Contains 5 (0.3 g) syringes and 1 application pad
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 210911
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IonositMicroSpand Light-Cured Compomer Base/:Liner
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