Isodry Non-Illuminated Dental Isolation System

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Product Description

Increase productivity and decrease chair time while offering a clean, comfortable, and safe experience for your patient. Isodry is a dental isolation system for clinical use by dental professionals that integrates directly into your dental chair. The system connects to the evacuation trap or solids collector adding a new, third evacuation option. Designed to isolate two quadrants at once, simultaneously providing tongue and cheek retraction and continuous suction. The retraction and continuous suction are the important functions that control the oral environment, reducing contamination and improving patient comfort and safety while protecting the airway and soft tissue.

Work effortlessly in two quadrants at one time
Simultaneously isolate maxillary and mandibular quadrants. Fine-tune suction per quadrant for increased control of the treatment area.

Easy Integration
Our systems easily integrate into every operatory, including hygiene. It’s like having an assistant for your assistant and dental hygienist.

Accessories Included: Suction Line Plug, Mouthpiece Lubricant, 3/8" Y-adaptor Kit, Double End Tube Brush, and O-ring Maintenance Kit.


Isodry allows for proper isolation and retraction while increasing patient comfort, which can greatly improve productivity and clinical outcome. When working on clinical procedures, dentists often have to struggle to see clearly inside the mouth while fighting the patient’s tongue and keeping moisture away from the treatment area—all while maintaining some level of patient comfort and ensuring that the patient doesn’t swallow or aspirate debris. Proper isolation and retraction make a world of difference to the dental clinician and pat...

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How To Install your Isodry Dental Isolation System

To install your Isodry Dental Isolation System, the first thing you’ll want to do is ensure you have all the proper components ready. Your Isodry System comes with Instructions for Use, Isodry Control Head,--preassembled with Vacuum Levers and Vacuum Pipe--Vacuum Hose, Y-adapter Kit, and Accessories....

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Isodry Non-Illuminated Dental Isolation System
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