Isovac Dental Isolation Adapter

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Product Description

Stay on schedule with the hygienist’s assistant. Isovac is a portable dental isolation adapter for clinical use by dental professionals that temporarily replaces your existing HVE valve or saliva ejector. Simply pop it on whenever you need it. The adapter is designed to isolate two quadrants at once, simultaneously providing tongue and cheek retraction and continuous suction. The retraction and continuous suction are the important functions that control the oral environment, reducing contamination and improving patient comfort and safety while protecting the airway and soft tissue.

Work effortlessly in two quadrants at one time
Simultaneously isolate maxillary and mandibular quadrants. Fine-tune suction per quadrant for increased control of the treatment area.

Easy Integration
Our systems easily integrate into every operatory, including hygiene. It’s like having an assistant for your assistant and dental hygienist.

The Isovac Dental Isolation Adapter contains: 3 Control Heads, Suction Line Plug, Double End Tube Brush, O-ring Maintenance Kit and Instructions for Use.


Using the same innovative mouthpieces as the Isolite and Isodry systems, the Isovac Isolation Adapter from Isolite Systems quickly attaches to an available HVE line to provide hands-free retraction, isolation, and evacuation while improving patient safety. A pediatric dentist from Idaho evaluated the Isovac for Dental Product Shopper and commented, "[Isovac] helps with isolation, vision, and improves the quality of my restorative work." An Arizona evaluator appreciates that the Isovac "offers a great tool for isolation and practicing...

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How To Install your Isovac Dental Isolation Adapter

To install your Isovac Dental Isolation Adapter, the first thing you’ll want to do is ensure you have all the proper components ready. Your Isovac System comes with Instructions for Use, three Isovac Control Heads, and Accessories....

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A Company Name That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

ZYRIS is the new front name for Isolite Systems , and the reason they switched names...

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Make Isolation Easy with Isolite

There isn’t a dental procedure that doesn’t benefit from a moisture- and contamination-free field. There isn’t a...

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Isovac: the Greatest Assistant!

Dentists rely on dental assistants. Hygienists probably wouldn’t mind having hygiene assistants. And sometimes assistants need assistance....

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Great addition to the Isolite
I only had one isolite setup and kept it in one room. I didn't think I could justify buying more at that price but I heard the Isovac was coming out soon. I asked around and decided to buy a few of them. I now have them in four rooms and was ecstatic with the cost. Same mouthpieces and the hookup was very easy. I use them every day and my hygienists will use them periodically for those patients who forget they can swallow their own spit during cleanings. Worth the cost to keep staff happy and patients comfortable.
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Isovac Dental Isolation Adapter
Zyris, Inc. (formerly Isolite Systems)
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