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IsoVue by Centrix

With IsoVue, clinicians can work with increased visibility or even solo thanks to foldable, reflective surfaces.

Centrix introduces IsoVue'a line of reflective oral devices that increase visibility and shed more light on treatment and restoration areas. The winged structures fold at the crease to: prop open the mouth; retract the tongue and cheeks; and illuminate three-quarters (Anterior) or half (Quadrant) of the mouth. The mirrored, non-glass surface reflects light to the oral cavity, illuminating the work area to help increase productivity.

IsoVue is easily placed in the mouth and its soft edges ensure patient comfort. IsoVue also improves moisture control by directing saliva away from the prep. With IsoVue, dentists and hygienists have the option to work alone while maintaining a clear view. After the procedure, simply remove IsoVue and dispose of the device.

Highly flexible, IsoVue is bendable, lightweight and comes in 2 shapes, Anterior and Quadrant, each available in 3 sizes. 'Bob Alaburda




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