Jacquette Cone Socket Tips

Product Description
Jacquette Cone Socket Tips from Hartzell & Son are used in periodontal and dental hygiene procedures. They come in straight or with a contra-angle. The instruments are available in either carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel instruments have the advantage of retaining much longer-lasting shapened edges than stainless steel instruments, due to the extremely hard steel, though they require more careful cleaning and sterilization. The decision to use carbon steel or stainless steel is a matter of preference for each dentist or hygenist.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Jacquette Cone Socket Tips

Jacquette Cone Socket Tips Carbon, Contra Angle, H15
Technical Specification
Autoclave Compatible: Autoclave Compatible
Connection Type: Cone Socket
Design Number: H15
Package Quantity: 1/Pkg
Tip Material: Carbon Steel
Tip Shape: Straight
Tip Type: Jacquette
Special Features: Sharpening Required
Sku# H15
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Jacquette Cone Socket Tips
Hartzell & Son
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