Ketac Molar Quick Aplicap

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3M ESPE Dental Products' Ketac Molar Quick Aplicap is a bulk-fill, packable and fast-setting glass ionomer. It is less technique sensitive than a composite, so it is perfect for difficult-to-isolate posterior restorations. It features excellent mechanical properties for posterior teeth such as high compressive strength, minimal abrasion, and outstanding surface hardness. The short mixing and setting time along with the adequate working time makes it ideal for pediatric and geriatric restorations. There is less shrinkage compared to traditional composites leading to greater marginal integrity. Ketac Molar Quick Aplicap is indicated for single-surface fillings in posterior areas, core build-ups, primary teeth fillings, cervical fillings in posterior region, minimally invasive dentistry, and single- and multiple-surface composite fillings. Unique capsule design ensures proper activation, eliminating time-wasting and costly duds High fluoride release Undercutting not required

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Ketac Molar Quick Aplicap - Introductory Refill, 50/Pkg - A1
Technical Specification
Shade: A1
Sku# 56366
Ketac Molar Quick Aplicap - Introductory Refill, 50/Pkg - A2
Technical Specification
Shade: A2
Sku# 56363
Ketac Molar Quick Aplicap - Introductory Refill, 50/Pkg - A3
Technical Specification
Shade: A3
Sku# 56364
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Ketac Molar Quick Aplicap
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