Ketac Silver Glass Ionomer Restorative

Product Description
Ketac Silver Glass Ionomer Restorative from 3M ESPE Dental Products is an alternative to amalgam for core build-ups. It provides high, long-term fluoride release as well as adhesion to enamel and dentin for sealed, lasting restorations without the need for undercuts. The silver particles are sintered into the glass making it an excellent thermal and electrical insulator. This restorative can be used for indications of primary teeth fillings, small fillings in posterior teeth, temporaries, and a base under amalgams. High sustained fluoride release Radiopaque Convenient unidose capsules Contains no amalgam

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Ketac Silver Glass Ionomer Restorative

Ketac Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative (Handmix)
Technical Specification
Capsules: No
Contains: 1 (25 g) powder, 1 (12 ml) liquid and mixing pad
Cure Type: Self Cure
Dispensing: Bottle
Fluoride Release: Yes
Hand Mix: Yes
Material Type: Silver-Reinforced Glass Ionomer
Quantity: "1 Liquid (12 mL), 1 Powder (25 g), Mixing Pad, Spoon"
Radiopaque: Yes
Set Time: 3 minutes
Type: Silver-Reinforced Glass Ionomer
Type of Cure: Self Cure
Working Time: 4 minutes
Bonding Agent Needed: Yes
Sku# 37800




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Ketac Silver Glass Ionomer Restorative
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