NeoBurr Sugical Carbides

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Made of singlepiece tungsten carbide, these burs perform with maximum strength and experience minimal breakage to ensure efficient cutting of hard tissue or bone tissue while expelling waste material. Each carbide is sterile and individually packaged 5 per pack.




Don’t Let the Cookie—I Mean Polisher—Crumble

Polisher crumbling. I never knew that was a thing until I read about it recently and then...

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The Benefits of Single Use Diamond Burs

To me, a non-dentist, the benefits of single patient use diamond burs seem obvious. But I’m guessing...

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Flaps—Patient Comfort, Image Accuracy

Wouldn’t you love to make the dental x-ray experience better for your patients, especially children? Whether it’s...

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NeoBurr Sugical Carbides
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