Lock-n-Reload Couplers, 20/:Pkg

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The Lock-n-Reload Coupler saves up to 30% on VPS impression material costs by combining partially used cartridges. One coupler and an extruder gun quickly make full cartridges from a batch of leftover cartridges. Twist-lock feature prevents cartridge separation during transfer Keyed design eliminates chance of accidental cross-mixing of impression materials during refills For use with high-performance (rounded flange) automix cartridges

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Lock-n-Reload Couplers, 20/:Pkg

Lock-n-Reload Couplers, 20/Pkg - Lock-n-Reload Couplers, 20/Pkg
Sku# 14310
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Lock-n-Reload Couplers, 20/:Pkg
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