LockFree VPS Block-Out Material

Product Description
Once fully set, a traditional VPS material is applied around the rest of the area, cured, and then removed. LockFree VPS flexes past undercuts and splits around bars for easy removal. When the entire impression is completely removed, LockFree VPS will return to its original shape to provide precise details of the areas to which it was applied. LockFree VPS features a 35-second working time, 90-second intraoral set time, and no demarcation when blending together with traditional VPS material.




Shedding Light on a Truly Illuminating Ultrasonic Scaler

When it comes to selecting an ultrasonic scaling unit, any number will effectively remove plaque, tartar and stains. The deciding factor then becomes whether the product offers other benefits including ease or intuitiveness of use, power setting variability and, perhaps most importantly, comfort for both the user and the patient. Uniquely engineered to provide excellent visibility throughout the oral cavity, the TurboVue™ Illuminated Ultrasonic Scaler by Parkell is designed to deliver improved illumination and comfort. A magnetostrictive, ultrasonic tooth scaler, the TurboVue features a light source built directly into the handpiece. The light is then focused through...

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LockFree VPS Block-Out Material
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