LolliCaine Topical Anesthetic, 120/:Pkg

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LolliCaine Topical Anesthetic from Centrix Inc. is a fast-acting 20% benzocaine gel that makes asepsis and post-procedural cleanup easier. It comes in a single-dose package containing 1 single 0.3ml dose of LolliCaine gel plus 1 swab applicator. It provides a rapid onset in just 10 seconds with no bitter aftertaste and lasts for over 15 minutes. Since there is no need to cleanup or wipe down bulky jars, it reduces cross-contamination significantly. It can be used prior to the placement of a local anesthetic, on denture sores, during deep scaling, and during the placement of a rubber dam clamp. •Direct delivery •Perfect inventory control •Saves time setting up procedural tray •Great take-home package to treat patient post-operative discomfort

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LolliCaine Topical Anesthetic, 120/Pkg - Mint
Sku# 360092
LolliCaine Topical Anesthetic, 120/Pkg - Pina Colada
Sku# 360094
LolliCaine Topical Anesthetic, 120/Pkg - Cherry
Sku# 360090




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LolliCaine Topical Anesthetic, 120/:Pkg
Centrix, Inc.
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