Loupe Wire Clip-On +3

Product Description
Loupe Wire Clip-On +3 from Almore Mfg Company attaches to aviator or goggle style glasses and prescription eyewear. It is constructed with a secure double hinge attaching the lenses to the armature for adjustable tension to the lenses, while adding durability. The +3 loupes have 1.75X magnification and an approximate working distance of 10 to 16". The lenses are made from a plastic polycarbonate material.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Loupe Wire Clip-On +3

Loupe Wire Clip-On +3 - Loupe Wire Clip-On +3
Technical Specification
Frame Types Available: None
Light Attachments Available: No
Magnification: 1.75x
Side Protection Included: No
Working Lengths Available: 10 to 16"
Sku# 87047
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Loupe Wire Clip-On +3
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