LS-7568 Bite Adjustment and Polishing Kit

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Bite Adjustment and Polishing in One Kit

AXIS Introduces LS-7568

As the use of zirconia becomes more routine, practitioners need systems for adjustment of zirconia such as the LS-7568 Bite Adjustment and Polishing Kit.

AXIS Dental has combined the durability of Zir-Cut diamonds with the exceptional performance of the CeraGlaze polishing system in a procedural set'the LS-7568 Bite Adjustment and Polishing Kit. The LS-7568 set includes the most popular shapes for bite adjustment and 2 polisher shapes (points and cups) for creating a glaze-like shine after adjusting.

The Zir-Cut diamonds are an excellent choice for adjusting all ceramics and especially the very hard oxide ceramics. Their unique Zgrit bonding process creates less heat while grinding, thus extending the life of the instrument and reducing the chance of damage to the restoration.

After adjustment, the restoration can be polished to a natural high shine with CeraGlaze, a 3-step diamond impregnated polishing system that eliminates the need for re-firing. CeraGlaze points are available in three colors'green to remove surface scratches or make minor adjustments, blue to achieve a shine and prepare the surface for the final step, and a yellow reglazing polisher to achieve a natural 'wet looking' shine on porcelain. Visit index.html to see our editor-in-chief Michael Miyasaki perform a bite adjustment using Zir-Cut diamonds. 'Julie Schmitt




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LS-7568 Bite Adjustment and Polishing Kit
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