Luminex® and Stainless Steel Posts Kit

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Luminex® Posts are clear, light-transmitting posts that polymerize light-cured composites within the entire root canal. After curing, the Luminex® post is removed, leaving a ready canal for a corresponding classic post. Centers the canal and forms a parallel-sided canal for corresponding posts Reinforces the root structure, providing maximum sheer load support and retention Easy to control, adaptive and safe Composite inside the canal masks metal posts with a reflective tooth colored foundation Contains: 40 assorted Surtex stainless steel posts (5 of each size: L1 - L4, SL3 - SL6), 30 Luminex smooth posts DIP (5 of each size 1 - 6), 30 Luminex grooved posts DCP (5 of each size 1 - 6), 6 corresponding Standard Classic reamers (sizes 1 - 6), keys and stoppers

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Luminex® and Stainless Steel Posts Kit

Luminex Stainless Steel Posts Starter Kit in One-Stop Dispenser
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Luminex® and Stainless Steel Posts Kit
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