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LuxaPost by DMG-America features pre-silanized and radiopaque posts that have high flexural strength and dentin like elasticity, designed to react like natural tooth structure, resulting in minimal fracture risks. There is only one drill per size to avoid having a pre-shaping drill. This user-friendly, color-coded system has retention grooves that enhance mechanical retention. The post taper easily conforms to the post preparation and since it is transparent, it produces highly esthetic results.


LuxaPost Post System
Technical Specification
Material Composition: Fiber Reinforced Composite
Quantity: "1 Measuring Card3 Drills (1 Each for 1.25 mm 1.375 mm 1.5 mm)15 Posts (5 Each of 1.25 mm 1.375 mm 1.5 mm)30 Silicone Stops"
Radiopaque: Yes
Analogous Drills or Reamers Available: Yes
Straight Tapered: Tapered
Shade |If Applicable|: Transparent
Sizes: "1.25 mm1.375 mm1.5 mm"
Sku# 110780
LuxaPost - Refill Kit, 5/Pkg - Size 1.25 mm
Sku# 110781
LuxaPost - Refill Kit, 5/Pkg - Size 1.375 mm
Sku# 110782
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