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Safe and Reliable Instrument for Tooth Extraction

Luxator Original preserves bone integrity and performs less traumatic extractions.

The ability to reduce trauma during tooth extraction is becoming increasingly important, especially for patients requiring subsequent implant placement with minimal bone loss.

The Directa AB Luxator instrument is a specially designed periodontal ligament knife with a fine tapered blade that compresses the alveolar, cuts the membrane, and gently eases the tooth from its socket, reducing damage to surrounding tissue and keeping a better anatomy for an implant site.
The Luxator instruments are used by rocking and cutting vs. the traditional elevating methods of lifting and prying. The rigid thin blade of the Luxator is inserted into the periodontium 2/3 the length of the root, allowing the final loosening and removal of the tooth to be performed with minimal amount of force. The result is a clean extraction with little tissue damage and less postoperative bleeding and pain.
Luxator instruments are available in 14 variations and are autoclavable and dry-heat sterilizable. -Julie Cullen




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