Magicure All-In-One Curing System

Product Description

Strauss Diamond has set the bar high for the newest generation of curing lights as it welcomes to its extensive product line:
Magicure All-In-One Curing System.

Magicure promises superior broad-spectrum polymerization of all modern dental materials - making it an absolutely indispensable
part of your dental practice. Magicure was created to give dentists more chair-side capabilities, resolving serious disadvantages associated with other curing devices. Magicure isn’t just any curing light. This wireless, compact and lightweight curing device has intuitive controls for standard and ortho applications, consisting of 3 LEDs, which guarantee you'll wield this wand with confidence. Its powerful Multiwave LED Technology combines Blue and UV wavelengths in a single beam for quick and consistent curing. The engineers at Strauss Diamond managed to squeeze all this functionality into a device that can easily be managed with just two buttons.
Learn more by visiting our website to see how Magicure All-In-One Curing System can boost your practice.




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Magicure All-In-One Curing System
Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc.
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