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M TECH DENTAL, LLC. produces innovative products for the dental industry. We are committed to high quality standards for our customers. It is our desire to meet ever-changing needs of the dental industry by developing new products to improve daily procedures in dental health. It is our goal to collaborate with dental schools, educators, and dental clinicians to provide the tools necessary to maintain oral health. Our signature product is STIK-EZE and was developed in response to a dental hygienists needs. STIK-EZE is a dental wipe with an adhesive backing and is used to wipe dental instruments clean during procedures. STIK-EZE, when used correctly, reduces fatigue and procedure time, and is superior to regular gauze or sponges. In addition to cleaning instruments more efficiently, STIK-EZE also has been shown to increase patient awareness of plaque buildup when the STIK-EZE is shown after the procedure. This is just one of the many ways M TECH DENTAL, LLC. is a forerunner in the dental industry.

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