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Cavitron BOBCAT Pro

DENTSPLY’s Cavitron Bobcat Pro 25-kHz ultrasonic scaler provides quality and performance and a contemporary look. It is equipped with a modern enclosure, versatile vertical or horizontal orientation, universal control graphics, and a user-friendly weighted foot pedal. The Bobcat Pro is an economical option in ultrasonic scaling and is compatible with Cavitron DualSelect medicament delivery system.

Cavitron DiamondCoat

Cavitron DiamondCoat Ultrasonic Perio Insert

DENTSPLY Professional

The Cavitron DiamondCoat combines superior adaptability, access, and design for faster, more effective calculus removal during periodontal surgery.

Cavitron Diamond inserts have been shown to provide improved efficacy in removing calculus from furcations while reducing the time needed to perform periodontal surgery.1 DENTSPLY Professional’s DiamondCoat, from the Cavitron family of ultrasonic scalers, is a specialized ultrasonic insert intended for the following surgical applications: removal of tenacious calculus and amalgam overhangs, recontouring of restorations, and debridement of soft-tissue. According to the manufacturer, it enables more effective and faster calculus removal than traditional ultrasonic inserts, and greatly enhances scaling and root planing.

Cavitron Focused Spray slimLINE 1000

DENTSPLY Professional’s Cavitron combined the best features of the Focused Spray and slimLINE technologies to produce the Focused Spray slimLINE 1000 Ultrasonic Insert.

Cavitron Integrated Systems

Cavitron Integrated Systems offer an open office environment with the same benefits of traditional Cavitron units.

Cavitron Plus and Cavitron Jet Plus

Cavitron Jet & Jet Plus ultrasonic scalers from DENTSPLY Professional introduce Tap-On Technology, a system designed to improve efficiency and reduce hygienist leg strain.

Cavitron Select SPS

Dentsply introduces the Cavitron Select SPS ultrasonic scaler. With sustained performance system (SPS) technology that maintains power, water-flow control directly on the handpiece ensures the clinician never having to leave the patient to adjust.

Cavitron SPS



The new Cavitron SPS Self-Install ultrasonic scaler from DENTSPLY Professional easily mounts under the dental tray to free up counter space. The unit features patented Sustained Performance System (SPS) technology to maintain scaling effectiveness and provide patient comfort. Water flow control on the handpiece allows the clinician to adjust lavage and enhance patient comfort more efficiently. The Steri-Mate removable handpiece is completely autoclavable to provide superior protection against cross-contamination, and the unique rotating cable attachment reduces cable-drag.

Cavitron THINsert

DENTSPLY Professional Cavitron THINsert

Ultrasonic Scaler Insert

The ultra-thin THINsert combines the ease of ultrasonic scaling with the access of hand scaling.

At approximately half the diameter of the FSI Slimline, DENTSPLY’s new Cavitron THINsert is designed to facilitate debridement in difficult-to-reach areas, such as interproximal surfaces, concavities, and areas with tight tissue attachment—all without sacrificing tactile sensation. THINsert is designed to work with any 30k Cavitron ultrasonic scaler.


Delton sealants from DENTSPLY Professional are a nonsurgical solution applied to tooth surfaces to fill and seal pits and fissures when used in a regular professional care program of preventive dentistry.

DENTSPLY Professional NUPRO Sodium Fluoride Oral Solution

NUPRO 2% neutral sodium fluoride rinse is indicated for a 1 minute treatment (two 30-second treatments). Four flavors are available.