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Silflex Blockout Compound is used to correctly position the master model and to block out undercuts prior to duplicating.
Perflex Duplicating Material is a reversible hydrocolloid; it is a chemically balanced, durable duplicating material designed to work...
Investing base is designed as a base for foil lined, metal and paper investing rings.
System 18 is an ethyl-silicate investment system with a concentrated liquid for easy mixing. No nickel/no beryllium. Concast alloy. No...
A paint-on liquid formulated to improve the adhesion of Preformed Austenal Patterns to the refractory model.
Preformed exact sizes with uniform dimensions. Patterns maintain high standards of form and function. Patterns are tacky and made from a...
Columbia Dentoform model base formers produce perfectly smooth and symmetrical bases for study models quickly and easily. Plaster or...
Made from an elastomeric material, these patterns have a slightly tacky adhesive surface. They are easy to apply and adapt to the...
Sticks readily formed without heating for post damming, peripheral lining and making stops in impression trays. Adheres to hydrocolloid...
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