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Lower arch in crystal clear and pink denture with 5 embedded clips that snap onto bar supported by 5 implants.
The female abutment is threaded on and may be removed using the genuine tool supplied by ZEST ANCHORS.
In the image (from left to right), 1 side shows a 3-unit bridge spanning natural abutments, while the opposite side shows a second...
This model is also offered in a screw-retained version and a mandible model is also available.
It is an excellent tool for demonstrating the retentive qualities of the LOCATOR attachments. A maxillary model is also available.
The image (on left) shows a 3 unit bridge supported by 3 implants while the image (on right) shows 3 unit bridge spanning natural...
Set inludes: NMT- 16B, NEM-27B, NEM-24B, NEM-22B. Available individually at $13.99
Set inludes: MXT- 16B, EMX-27B, EMX-24B, EMX-22B. Available individually at $19.99
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