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The Nupro Freedom® Cordless Handpiece with SmartMode® Technology provides clinicians with an innovative method of polishing.
The Midwest eStylus: Pre-programmed torque limiting senses resistance and automatically reverses file to limit torque applied....
Used in conjunction with Cavitron Select with Select Reservoir Pump.
Captivate by NUPRO® is a dentist-prescribed system that has been designed to address your patients' tooth whitening needs. Optimize...
NUPRO extra care is powered by NovaMin® calcium phosphate technology. NUPRO extra care prophy paste is clinically proven to deliver...
NUPRO® Prophy Paste from DENTSPLY Professional features excellent stain removal and polishing performance in a unique proprietary...
Formulated with micro-fine aluminum oxide paste designed specifically to polish dental restorations during a prophylaxis procedure....
Seal&Protect™ Protective Selants for Exposed Dentin is clinically proven to reduce dential hypersensitivity for up to twelve months. ...
Introducing Cavitron® FITGRIP Ultrasonic Inserts—Designed for optimum hygienist comfortFITGRIPTM inserts elevate the level of...
DENTSPLY Professional’s latest option for power scaling is really the story of 2 innovations—the Cavitron Touch ultrasonic scaling system...
NUPRO White Varnish is a uniquely formulated varnish with rapid fluoride release for hypersensitivity relief. Its patent-pending...
DENTSPLY Professional offers NUPRO Freedom disposable prophy angles.NUPRO Freedomare was designed exclusively for use with the...
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