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JS Dental's Quick Fill is alpha phase gutta-percha on a specially designed titanium core for a quick and effective way to fill the root...
S-Files by JS Dental are endodontic instruments used with any hand motion to provide increased clinical safety and improve tactile...
Mity K-Files from JS Dental are nickel titanium endodontic instruments used for cleaning and shaping the canal walls. These strong and...
K-File Plus by JS Dental features a rubber stop and millimeter markings for easy adjustment of working length. It provides excellent...
Directa Polycarbonate Temporary Crowns from JS Dental protect and provide acceptable aesthetics for temporary restorations. • Offer...
JS Dental's Paper Points are made from absorbent paper and color-coded for easy identification. The paper is presterilized, thus cutting...
JS Dental's Fenderprime Wedge is a unique combination of a preparation shield and a sectional matrix for Class II fillings in primary...
Directa Post Keys by JS Dental remove Directa Posts.
Anchorage Gold-Plated Posts from JS Dental feature a parallel-sided middle section with an anatomical cone shaped tip for superior...
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