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Mydent’s DEFEND Autoclave Cleaner removes grease, grime, and accumulations of scaling deposits to help keep steam autoclaves in peak...
Whether performing a general exam or delicate procedure, greater concentrated intraoral light is imperative for the dentist and...
DEFENDLOC patent technology that makes instrument sterilization safer, more effective, and virtually foolproof for the entire dental...
Lightweight and compact, this torch is equipped with an instant electronic ignition system for reliable starting. The refillable butane...
The dispensing gun is used to extrude impression materials and bite registration materials from cartridges. It consists of a release...
Tips provide precise placement interproximally. Fits 4.2mm mixing tips and to be used with HP Mixing Tip VP-8105T.VP-8103- 100 per bag
Tips are high performance for core material. Also includes 25 clear intra-oral tips. Available in 1:1 ratio.25 per bag.VP-8150T ...
High Performance Mixing Tips for all HP style 50ml impression material cartridges. Tips are color coded according to size.VP-8107 ...
Designed to prevent cross contamination for a variety of procedures. A quick and convenient vessel for prophy paste, composite...
For dispensing a ribbon-like layer of bite registration material on the occlusal surface. For use with #VP-8104. Easy snap on to Teal...
Tips provide precise placement interproximally. Fits with universal mixing tips, or with T-Mix Mixing Tip VP-8104T.100 per...
Tips are high performance for Temporary cement. Available in 1:1 ratioVP-8140 – 25 per bag
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