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R.T.R. Membrane is an absorbable material made from type 1 collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon. It is biocompatible and well...
Septodont’s BioRoot RCS is a mineral-based root canal sealer designed for general or endodontic use and offers features that help create...
Unlike eugenol temporary cements, Proviscell is compatible with most permanent cements, will not interfere with the bond, and contains...
Adherence Self Cure Permanent Resin Cement can be used for final cementation of posts and cores, crowns, implant prostheses, bridges,...
Pharmaethyl Topical Anesthetic Spray, made by Septodont Inc., is used to test the vitality of the pulp and tooth before extracting a...
5% Lidocaine Topical Ointment by Septodont Inc. is an amide-based topical anesthetic used prior to an anesthetic injection. Allows...
ECO Aspirating Syringes are light weight syringes made of surgical grade stainless steel to reduce hand stress during injection of local...
Aspiject Self-Aspirating Syringes, made by Septodont Inc., are well-balanced and comfortable to use. These lightweight, durable...
Septodont's Biodentine is a bioactive and biocompatible dentin substitute indicated for use in the crown for temporary enamel...
Heal Damaged Hands Septodont Hand Cream Septodont Hand Cream is designed to heal and protect from the damage caused by wearing gloves and...
Septodont Aspirating Syringes are used for local anesthetic injections and come petite and standard. The petite syringes are designed for...
Acroseal is a permanent root canal sealer made by Septodont Inc. Material attaches to the canal walls and gutta percha points to ensure...
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