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Magicure promises superior broad-spectrum polymerization of all modern dental materials - making it an absolutely indispensable
Diasynt Plus designed for the removal of ceramic and metal. The grinder is specifically suited for very hard materials such as zirconia...
The composite diamond polishing system is capable of working on all different types of composite materials. The new binding feature as...
Finishing strips from Strauss are designed for contouring the proximal regions of all types of fillings. The finishing strips remove...
Brownies and Greenies are used to polish precious alloys such as Amalgam and composite.
Brush-lets are prophylaxis nylon brushes equipped with a contra-angle shank used to remove dental plaque. The polishing paste is on the...
The three step goldstar polishing system is applicable for gold and previous metal alloys. The polishers come equipped with special...
Flexi Disc Polishers from Strauss are coated in aluminum oxide. Used to polish composites, gold and amalgam.
Universal Polishers are made up of silicone. The polishers are used for restoration materials such as porcelain, precious metals,...
Strauss’s Greenstone polishes are used to polish precious alloys, amalgam and enamel.
The Magic Strip presents clinicians a clear-cut and appropriate tool for interproximal contouring and finishing. The high-quality handle...
Strauss with AB Dental is a dynamic and innovative service-based company providing the dentist a complete solution, which includes...
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