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Patent pendingThis easy to use device provides simultaneous irrigation and evacuation. Irrigating solutions are delivered coronally and...
Accidental spillage of sodium hypochlorite is one of the most common accidents to occur during root canal irrigation. Even spillage of...
UltraFlo is a cordless, compact, battery operated piezo ultrasonic device that simultaneously irrigates and activates. You will have the...
Visco-Tip™ Improves flowability of viscous materials. Bendable, flexible 25ga tip, delivers calcium hydroxide with precision and ease,...
EndoUltra™ is the only cordless activator unit capable of generating the tip frequency (40,000Hz) required to create sufficient...
Spira-Flo™ brush tips from Vista Dental are nylon fiber for controlled delivery of viscous material, etchants, and resins. Luer-lock hub,...
Stat-Flo™ brush tips are 19ga, curved cannula for optimal visibility, and have a padded-end brush tip.
Fluorescent™ EXpress White is packaged as an easy to use, complete single procedure kit that contains everything needed for immediate...
AutoSyringe™ by Vista Dental will help eliminate hand fatigue associated with standard syringe irrigation. 20mL canisters are easily...
Vista Dental's SmearOFF™ is a high quality mix that successfully kills 99.9% of bacteria while simultaneously removing the smear level....
Vista Dental’s Caries Indicator facilitates the identification of carious dentin and ensures maximum amount of inner dentin is preserved...
Being disposable allows for less waste of MTA material and the elimination of the need to clean instruments that may become clogged as...
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