Master-Brush Bristle Applicators Assorted, Disposable, 500/:Pkg

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Master-Brush is a double bending bristle applicator with two indentations: one on the handle, and the other on the neck. These indentations allow the applicator to bend easily in two separate areas independently or simultaneously. Pillars surrounding the indentation work as a locking notch when the applicator is bent. • The double bending feature is useful for applications from the lingual • Locking notches help to maintain a constant bent position even as pressure is applied • Assorted contains short and long bristle lengths • The short black strand bristles are ideal for applications requiring crisp dabbing or firm touch • The long white strand has more flexible bristles and is ideal for spreading or painting gently over an area

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Master-Brush Bristle Applicators Assorted, Disposable, 500/:Pkg
Denbur, Inc.
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