Maxima T-Style Lowspeed Handpiece System

Product Description
Features include no lub motors, 4-hole connections, 1-year warranties on motors and attachments, and a 6-month warranty on heads. Components include 20,000 and 5,000 rpm motors, torque multiplier 4:1, straight attachment, contra angle, pushbutton latch head, latch head, and screw-type prophy head.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Maxima T-Style Lowspeed Handpiece System

Maxima T-Style Contra Angle Adapter Ea
Sku# 1125537
Maxima T-Style Latch Head Ea
Sku# 1125540
Maxima T-Style Motor 20K RPM Ea
Sku# 1125542
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Maxima T-Style Lowspeed Handpiece System
Henry Schein
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