Micro-opener and Debrider Kit 1

Product Description
Micro-Openers combine the canal finding capabilities of an explorer with the instrumentation capabilities of a K-file. They are ISO-sized hand instruments with 7 mm k-type flutes. Micro-Debriders are outstanding for instrumenting and retreating hard-to-reach and hard-to-visualize canals. • Exaggerated taper enhances the tensile strength • Easier to locate, penetrate and initially instrument even the most difficult or calcified canals • Micro-Openers have .4 or .6 tapers, enhancing their tensile strength • Micro-Debriders have Hedstrom cutting configuration with a standard .2 taper in sizes 2 and 3 with 16 mm cutting flutes Kit #1 contains: 1 micro-opener each size: 1/.4, and 15/.4; and 1 micro-debrider size 3/.2

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Micro-opener and Debrider Kit 1

Micro-opener and Debrider Kit 1 - Micro-opener and Debrider Kit 1
Technical Specification
Contains: 2 micro-openers size 10/0.4, 15/0.04
Size: #1
Sku# 671684
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Micro-opener and Debrider Kit 1
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