Micro Prime Desensitizer

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MicroPrime is a HEMA-based desensitizing agent that eliminates post-op sensitivity and discomfort from cervical erosions. This desensitizer is to be placed under dental cements or other restorative materials temporary, provisional or final. MicroPrime can be used for desensitization of amalgam restorations, either conventional or bonded. Available in original MicroPrime B and MicroPrime G, which is an equivalent formula to Gluma. • Helps kill bacteria • Alters nerve responses • Aids bonding primers in penetrating etched dentin • Compatible with all total-etch bonding systems, cements and amalgam • HEMA formulation reliably plugs tubules

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Micro Prime Desensitizer - 10 ml Bottle
Sku# 87001
Micro Prime Desensitizer - 10 ml Bottle
Sku# 90814
MicroPrime G - UnitDose
Sku# 94263




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Micro Prime Desensitizer
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