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One of the most innovative features of micro-Stix is their ability to offer a variable adhesive strength. Specifically, the Smart Hold applicator offers a new advanced technology with pressure-sensitive adhesive that determines the holding strength by the force exerted on the applicator’s tip. Use less pressure to facilitate the placement of delicate items with easier release, or more pressure to securely hold larger items. The micro-Stix are also available in Original Hold for a more conventional adhesive experience. In addition to these adhesive options, micro-Stix offer a number of other features that make them easy to use and convenient. They may be bent slightly for accurate placement of restorations in hard-to-reach areas, and the adhesive tips hold restorations until placed onto the preparation and can be used multiple times during a single treatment. The applicator can be removed by twisting the tip by gently pulling away. The micro-Stix are disposable for simple infection control and come 64 to a package.




Put a Ring on It—the Right Way

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Working Hard, Working Smart

Life is full of hard-working helpers who don’t get the credit they deserve: the digital video recorder that remembers to capture a favorite show when you forget it’s on, a sturdy phone case that prevents a smashed screen even after repeated drops and even the local barista who knows your...

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