Microlux 2 Transilluminator

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Product Description
This ergonomic new high intensity model includes new features that have been requested by many dentists. An easy to use push button controls the dual intensity operation and provides for better visualization. The battery has a low level indicator, and the unit has a voltage regulator to insure constant light output. It uses 2 easily available AAA batteries. The Microlux 2 comes with either a 2 or 3mm light guide, and accepts all existing Microlux autoclaveable attachments. The accessory light attachments are: 5 package of mirrors, .75mm Proximal tip, .75mm Perio tip, and 1mm Endo tip. The ergonomic design provides an anti roll feature.


The ergonomic, high-intensity Microlux 2 Transilluminator offers greater visualization to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning. No dentist would want to turn away help in visualizing caries, crown fractures, root fractures, or root canal orifice. That is why our evaluators were eager to try AdDent’s Microlux 2 Transilluminator, which includes new features requested by dentists who used the original model. After Dr. Roger Urlaub used the Microlux 2 almost daily in his restorative cases and in clinical hygiene exams for this produ...

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Microlux 2 Transilluminator
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