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The Midwest Quiet-Air L from DENTSPLY Midwest is available with our without fiber optics. Both include a mid-size head for cutting crown and bridge work as well as a two chucking systems (conventional and patented Power Lever). With excellent torque for smooth cutting, the Midwest Quiet-Air L can be used with regular and long shank burs and diamonds.

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Midwest Quiet-air L Fiber Optic, Power Lever
Sku# 780014
Midwest Quiet-air L - Non Fiber Optic, Power Lever
Sku# 484004




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Staff and clinical manager
I have been working in this parctice for 38 years and i have used several handpiecesand the Midwest quiet air handpiece is by far the best on the market.Just purchased 2 more!!!
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have some of these handpieces from way back in dental school (over 25 years ago) and still working well.
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best made
have been using these hand piece for 30 plus years.they have never failed me. have to put new turbines is every 2-3 yrs. I have to cut through crowns every day and they are the best.
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Old time favorite
I've used these for 40 years and they have lasted for many years before I had to buy new ones.
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the grass is greener
Every company states their product is better than the others. This drill is fairly priced, functional and practical for most restorative proceedures.The skill in dentistry still lies with the dentist. I have tried a lot of handpieces and yet to find one that lets the drill define the dentist.
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Midwest Quiet-Air
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