MILO Convertible 3.0-MM One-Piece Implant

Product Description
The MILO one-piece 3.0mm diameter dental implant system is engineered as a true “convertible” small diameter implant. It is suitable for long-term denture stabilization or fixed prosthetic options. Patented Cement-Over Abutments available in Straight, 15 degree, Wide, and Castable designs simply fit over the O-Ball assembly converting the implant from removable to fixed prosthetic options. A healing abutment is even available as an option. The MILO implant system also features a titanium abutment suitable for CAD/CAM ceramic restorations. MILO implants may be immediately loaded or restored after a period of time. As with MDL Implants, MILO Implants feature Drive-Lock technology for mountless, efficient placement and have the bioactive OSSEAN® surface.

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MILO Convertible 3.0-MM One-Piece Implant
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