Mirror Suction Introductory Kit

Product Description
The Mirror Suction Mini Kit from Hager Worldwide is an autoclavable, front surface mouth mirror with mouth suction that allows tasks to be performed without assistance. It acts as both a mouth retractor and a tongue guard, while providing excellent aspiration. The introductory kit includes 5 handles, 5 mirror heads, 2 hoses, 2 (11 mm) adapters and 1 cleaning brush.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Mirror Suction Introductory Kit

Mirror Suction Introductory Kit
Technical Specification
Contains Eugenol: 5 handles, 5 mirror heads, 2 hoses, 2 (11 mm) adapters and 1 cleaning brush
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 254050
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Mirror Suction Introductory Kit
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