Mity Roto T4 and T6

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Their accelerated flute configuration is manufactured with 8 spirals for easy debridement removal. To help navigate most typical canal anatomies, these Mity Roto files have a 16 mm flute length. They are available in both 21 and 25 mm working lengths to meet customer requirement. Additionally, the .04 and .06 tapers facilitate canal enlargement and remove the maximum amount of material in a wide array of canal anatomies. For simple depth measurement reference, each file has clearly marked calibration lines. The 12-mm-long gold-plated handles are color-coded using the ADA standard to represent file size at the distal tip, and the designated taper etched into the handle. Stops are also color coded to associate taper designation: 0.04 yellow stops and 0.06 blue stops.

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Mity Roto T4 and T6
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