Nano-Silver Toothbrush

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Its outer bristles are soft and thin, gently cleaning teeth like dental floss while massaging gums. The inner bristles are thicker and harder, ensuring that teeth and gums are completely cleaned. The toothbrush sports a firm, comfortable grip.




For Your Patients, Seeing is Believing

If you’ve ever brought your car into a mechanic, you know the process: you drop the car off an d t he n wait  fo r “the call.” During that call, the mechanic tells you everything that’s wrong with your car in addition to the initial iss ue that brought you there in the first place. It can be agonizing to decide whether the additional work is necessary. After all, you’re only on the phone with the mechanic—you can’t see what he or she sees. “It only needed an oil change,” you think....

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Nano-Silver Toothbrush
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