New FluoroDose Flavors

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Product Description
FluoroDose, the popular white cavity varnish from Centrix, is now available in great-tasting Melon and Cherry flavors, in addition to Mint and Bubble Gum. Each unit contains a single dose (0.3 mL) of FluoroDose and 1 brush, allowing the dentist to mix white varnish prior to application to ensure a consistent level of fluoride in every application. FluoroDose dries in seconds upon contact with saliva. Simply dip, mix, brush, and throw away. No more messy gels and uncomfortable trays or worry of fluoride ingestion. FluoroDose is sold in 120-, 600-, or 1200-unit packages for each flavor.


With convenient single-dose packaging, FluoroDose 5% sodium fluoride varnish is easy to brush on and comes in 5 flavors. Hygienist Donna Shewbert was looking for a varnish that was easy to apply, tasted good to the patient, and didn’t leave a chunky residue. When she tested the FluoroDose 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish with Xylitol as part of an evaluation for Dental Product Shopper, she found a product that met her expectations. “Everyone loved the flavor,” Shewbert said. “They also didn’t feel like this fluoride varnish left a bad ...

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Bitter flavor
It has a very bitter after flavor.
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New FluoroDose Flavors
Centrix, Inc.
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