NuSimplicity™ Patient Chair

Product Description

In addition to providing comfort for patients, the design of NuSimplicity features a narrow, tapered chair back that allows the patient to be reclined close to the clinician's knees. This can help reduce stress and provide ideal access to the oral cavity. The chair's base plate design allows closer placement of stools to provide comfortable access to the patient.

According to DentalEZ NuSimplicity's dual-location touch pad controls are conveniently located on both sides of the upper backrest, making them easy to access without the need to stretch or reach. Dual touchpad controls come standard with the option to add a wireless foot control, unit-mounted touchpad or remote wireless touchpad.

For maximum patient and clinician comfort, NuSimplicity is quiet and has smooth hydraulic movements. It has 60° of rotation, and height flexibility from 15 in to 35.5 in to accommodate both sit-down and stand-up dentistry and ensure comfort for dentists of any stature.




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NuSimplicity™ Patient Chair
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