StarDental NuTorque® Programmable Electric Handpiece System

Product Description
The NuTorque system is a highly intuitive electric handpiece that provides maximum control with minimum effort using a unique easy-to-use touch screen display that makes every procedure more efficient and productive. The NuTorque system provides maximum flexibility for a variety of individual solutions including cavity preparation, caries removal, and polishing. The main display also provides a detailed and customizable Set-up Mode and ENDO Mode that includes 5 endo memory presets that can be individually designed to fit various endodontic procedures. NuTorque is equipped with a compact brushless motor that is lighter than existing electric motors currently on the market. Measuring 4� and weighing less than 99 g, the balanced, lightweight micromotor of the NuTorque enables dental professionals to easily maneuver throughout the oral region. With the NuTorque system, dental professionals have the freedom to perform various individual procedures while delivering consistent speed and powerful torque on both high- and low-speed settings. The 50 dBa whisper-quiet, vibration-free motor system is adaptable to existing standard delivery units.




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StarDental NuTorque® Programmable Electric Handpiece System
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