HiRes 2 Loupe

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Product Description

The top-selling loupe since its introduction in 2004, the HiRes™ 2 (2.5x) delivers high resolution across a very wide and deep field of view.

This is the perfect loupe for both magnification beginners and loupe experts. The small optics provide a generous viewing area above the telescopes while also maintaining lightweight comfort.


High-Resolution Loupes Orascoptic’s HiRes dental loupes provide customized, high-resolution optics. HiRes dental loupes from Orascoptic are designed to deliver superior, high-resolution optics and to provide an exceptionally wide and deep viewing field in a comfortable, lightweight, and compact system. To obtain the maximum benefit from the use of surgical loupes, dental professionals are encouraged to consider key features at the time of purchase; specifically, proper fitting and adjustment have been cited as essential elements.1...

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Case Study

Case Study

Conservative CAD/CAM Onlays

 A healthy 29-year-old female presented for treatment on her lower left quadrant. Her treatment plan included replacing the leaky and broken-down amalgam fillings over the posterior sections of her mouth. The patient previously treated her upper 2 quadrants. In this particular case, I treated the lower left quadrant. I used HiRes Loupes (Orascoptic) at 3.5X magnification, along with digital X-rays using DEXIS Platinum Sensors (DEXIS) to come to a diagnosis. I found the patient's molar teeth had such large fillings that onlays or crowns were the best options. Before treatment day, I showed the patient her teeth using...

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Game-Changers in Dental Technology

Congratulations to the following innovative dental manufacturers for winning the prestigious 2017 Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology...

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“EyeSpy with my little eye…”

Do you remember that game? Maybe you still play it with family and friends today. It was...

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Meet the Evaluator: Ravichandra Juluri, DDS, MS

NAME: Ravichandra Juluri, DDS, MS DENTAL SCHOOLS: Sri Ramachandra Dental College, India, and Temple University YEARS IN PRACTICE:...

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Orascopic Loupes
Before I tried Orascopic loupes I thought all of them were the same with different price tag and I learned the hard way, I got the least expensive with no clue on what I needed and of course they didn't work and worse I also thought all of them were useless until I an orascopic trial with money back guaranteed. And it make a world of difference, in a few words I can not work without them, I prefer to cancel my day schedule if I don't have them.
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hi res loupes
These are lightweight and give clear magnification that raises everyones level of dental work.
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