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Orascoptic HiRes Loupes

Orascoptic HiRes Loupes

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High-Resolution Loupes

Orascoptic’s HiRes dental loupes provide customized, high-resolution optics.

HiRes dental loupes from Orascoptic are designed to deliver superior, high-resolution optics and to provide an exceptionally wide and deep viewing field in a comfortable, lightweight, and compact system.

To obtain the maximum benefit from the use of surgical loupes, dental professionals are encouraged to consider key features at the time of purchase; specifically, proper fitting and adjustment have been cited as essential elements.1 To this end, each HiRes loupe is custom-made according to the individual clinician’s needs and specifications regarding both working distance and facial geometry; precise measurements are taken by Orascoptic staff.

The lightweight loupes are hypoallergenic, corrosion- resistant, and water-resistant (with optics sealed to prevent damage and degradation). High-index lenses, offered with both designer and standard frames, further enhance resolution and reduce weight. HiRes magnification class II and III loupes are available in short, regular, long, extra-long, and extra-extra-long working distances. The HiRes loupes package includes side shields, a head strap, a custom-engraved case, and prescription lenses (if applicable).

The 7 dentists who participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of Orascoptic’s HiRes dental loupes rated and commented on such features as clarity, magnification, comfort, and field width and depth.

Clarity and Magnification

Surgical loupes have been shown to offer enhanced vision of fine detail.1 Overall clarity and resolution (clarity of image) with Orascoptic’s HiRes loupes were both rated as excellent by 6 evaluators and as very good by 1. One evaluator described resolution as “very clear, especially with illumination.”

When asked to rate the magnification achieved with the HiRes loupes, 6 evaluators rated this feature as excellent and 1 rated it as good. The dentist who reported noticing “a big difference [in clarity] between HiRes loupes and the loupes I used previously” described both resolution and magnification as “the very best I have ever experienced!” Another evaluator “wanted more [magnification],” noting that the loupes “aren’t indexed to change magnification.”

Ease of Use and Comfort

Orascoptic notes that the ergonomic working angles of HiRes loupes allow the clinician to customize operating positions for the best anatomic fit. The manufacturer further states that the small, lightweight loupes maximize comfort. Both ease of use and comfort were rated as excellent by 6 evaluators and as very good by 1. One dentist called the loupes “very easy to use” and “very comfortable.” The evaluator who said they were “very stable once they were set” also said it “takes time to adjust but [comfort] is great after that.”

Field Width and Depth

According to the manufacturer, HiRes loupes’ superior field width and depth enables full A-P and transverse molar-to-molar views of the oral cavity. Field width (size of the viewing field) was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators and as very good to good by 2. One dentist “loved the wide field with light” and another said he noticed “a big difference when I switched to Orascoptic!” Field depth (focal range from front to back) was rated as excellent by all 7 evaluators, 1 of whom “really noticed a difference.” The evaluator who described field depth as “good” also said clinicians should “be sure to get the correct distance when ordering.”

Overall Satisfaction

When the evaluators were asked to compare HiRes loupes to similar surgical loupes, the HiRes loupes were described as much better by all 7 evaluators. All 7 dentists said they would definitely recommend the loupes to colleagues. When asked if they would purchase the HiRes loupes in the future, 6 dentists said they definitely would and 1 said probably. Overall satisfaction with HiRes loupes was rated as excellent by the entire group of 7 evaluators.


1. Mansueto MA, Overton JD. A clinician’s guide to purchasing surgical loupes. Tex Dent J. 2007; 124(2):174-186

Manufacturer Information

A business unit within Sybron Dental Specialties, Orascoptic uses proven optical expertise, industry-leading knowledge, innovation, and leading edge technology to design and manufacture loupes and lighting systems that improve clinical outcomes for dental and medical professionals. To learn more, visit the Orascoptic website at

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Orascopic Loupes April 17, 2014



Before I tried Orascopic loupes I thought all of them were the same with different price tag and I learned the hard way, I got the least expensive with no clue on what
I needed and of course they didn't work and worse I also thought all of them were useless until I an orascopic trial with money back guaranteed. And it make a world of difference, in a few words I can not work without them, I prefer to cancel my day schedule if I don't have them.

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hi res loupes April 17, 2014


John from York, PA

These are lightweight and give clear magnification that raises everyones level of dental work.

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